Nathan Cotton JNR Accounting

Nathan Cotton

Founder and Director

Nathan founded the JNR Group, creating companies that would be renowned for friendly, approachable customer service, helping workers in Construction, the Armed Forces, Healthcare and Professional Sport.

With an extensive background in Personal Taxation, Nathan initially set up business at home and worked hard to develop a loyal client base, enabling rapid expansion to new business premises and growth of the JNR team.

Jane White JNR Accounting

Jane White

Associate Director

Jane is responsible for the Financial aspects of the business and ensures that our clients are paid their refunds as quickly as possible.

Originally from Scotland, Jane is passionate about customer service; she so impressed one of our clients, Rob, he married her!

Sue Barlow. JNR Accounting

Sue Barlow.

HR Manager, CIPD Assoc.

Sue took up a career in Human Resources after serving in the Army in Northern Ireland, the Ministry of Defence and other similar glamorous locations!

The great outdoors, travel and numerous chickens keep her busy away from the office.

Vasantha Dheerasekara  JNR Accounting

Vasantha Dheerasekara

Senior Manager, ACMA, MBA, MSc

Vasantha manages our sister company JNR Accounting Ltd. With a wealth of accounting knowledge and experience, she’s ready to help all our Self-Employed and Small Business clients.

Away from facts & figures, Vasantha has a keen interest in gardening and nature.

Adele Patrick JNR Accounting

Adele Patrick

Operations Manager

Adele has worked in personal taxation for 7 years and has extensive knowledge of HMRC legislation. She is responsible for our business operations and is about to undertake her ATT Personal Taxation Certificate.

Outside of work, Adele enjoys an eclectic mix of rock music, cacti and Jack Daniels!

Farid White JNR Accounting

Farid White

Administration Manager

Farid leads the Admin. Team ensuring that product knowledge is top of the agenda and that our clients receive excellent customer service.

Farid joined us from school and was promoted two years ago, about the same time he started to grow that beard!

Mathew Tippett JNR Accounting

Mathew Tippett

Claims Specialist

Matthew is responsible for completing Tax Returns with an eye for detail and ensuring that our Clients receive everything they are entitled to.

To relax, Mathew enjoys Air Softing and Martial Arts.

Simon Jones JNR Accounting

Simon Jones

Administration Assistant

Simon is part of our Admin team and has extensive knowledge to help those in the Construction industry who wish to make a claim.

His extensive knowledge also applies to anything relating to Game of Thrones, which he has seen five times!

Chrissie Monaghan JNR Accounting

Chrissie Monaghan

Administration Assistant

Chrissie works in our Admin. Team and is ready to answer all your questions relating to making a Tax Refund claim.

Her young son keeps Chrissie busy in her spare time.

Carley Clarke JNR Accounting

Carley Clarke

Administration Assistant

Carley is part of our very knowledgeable Admin Team and one of the first voices you’re likely to hear when you contact us.

She possesses an extensive hat collection and is a massive Super Hero fan.

Callie & Buster JNR Accounting

Callie & Buster

Office Pets

Callie and Buster, the most spoilt dogs in the UK, keep our staff company in the office. Generally well behaved - if only they could be trained to make the Tea!