Posted on 2nd August 2019

If you travel to temporary work placements at your own expense, you could be owed a substantial tax refund.

As a serving member of the Armed Forces, you may be required to travel long distances in order to work at temporary bases. (A workplace is classed as temporary if it’s not your usual place of work and you work there for less than 24 months.) Whether you use your own vehicle or public transport, you could be owed for a tax refund for those costs.

We believe that the Armed Forces deserve to be supported in every possible way, which is why we work with personnel to ensure they claim the tax relief to which they are entitled.

You can claim retrospectively for up to the last four tax years. With the average four-year claim being worth £3,000, it’s important that you check whether you could be owed a refund by HMRC. After all, your claim could be worth even more than the average.

For example, Chris* is a serving sailor in the Royal Navy, based in Edinburgh. Over a four-year period, he travelled more than 87,000 miles to temporary postings across Scotland and Devon. We helped Chris to claim a tax refund of nearly £8,500.

John* is a serving soldier in the British Army, based in Yorkshire. Over the course of one year, he travelled 5,000 miles to temporary postings in London. We helped him to claim a tax refund of over £1,000.

So, what are you waiting for? We can process your entire claim from start to finish, dealing with HMRC on your behalf and providing year-round aftercare – all for a low fee of just 15% of the claim amount.

To find out more, contact us today and let’s see what you’re owed.

*Names changed for privacy reasons.

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