Posted on 4th July 2018

As our American cousins celebrate July 4th, independent businesses and self-employed workers across the UK are doing their bit to support the national economy.

There will be fireworks across the pond today as the US marks over 240 years of independence from the British Empire. Being free to make your own decisions and run your own affairs is a big deal for a country – just as it is for any business.

The contribution that SMEs make to the UK economy is predicted to reach £217billion by 2020, growing by 11% over a five-year period. Meanwhile, the number of self-employed people in this country stood at 4.8million last year, representing 15% of the workforce – an increase of more than 3% since 2001.

Being your own boss brings lots of benefits, including the freedom to make the decisions that you feel are best for your business or livelihood. However, it also carries the responsibility to ensure that your tax affairs are in exemplary order.

Here’s where the advice and support of expert professionals can help to make independence more of a joy than a chore. As well as ensuring that you’re paying the correct amount of tax, we can check whether you’re eligible for any kind of tax relief against your business expenses. Don’t forget that we can help employed people to check if they qualify for a tax refund as well.

Why not get in touch today and have an informal chat with our friendly, professional team? Let us help to get your tax affairs in order and who knows, maybe you could be celebrating too.