Posted on 12th June 2018

As the eyes of the world turn to Russia for the 2018 World Cup, professional sports people should make sure they’re getting the credit they’re owed.

Representing your country on the world stage is the ultimate dream for many sportsmen and women. But if you didn’t get picked to play for England in the World Cup, never mind – there could still be good news if you have JNR Accounting on your team.

If you’re a professional sports player or athlete, chances are you do a lot of travelling for your job. Whether making your way to away games, reserve games, competition venues, training grounds other than your home ground and medical appointments, you could be due a tax refund against your travel expenses. Journeys to home games could even qualify if you’re on loan.

There are other costs associated with being a dedicated sports pro, such as the purchase of kit, special clothing or equipment, along with the associated upkeep; in the case of kit, this could include laundry costs. Promotional fees such as advertising can also qualify, plus you could claim for the expense of attending professional sports events or undertaking publicity activities.

You may be required to hold professional memberships and subscriptions, which should also be taken into account when your tax is calculated.

Following your sports passion is a pleasure but, as with any job, you shouldn’t be out of pocket over professional costs. Contact us today to kick off your claim – you can claim for the last four years and the average refund for that period is £3,000. So, let’s blow the whistle on overpaid tax!