Posted on 24th October 2018

You may have heard some horror stories about applying for tax refunds, but we can help you banish any lingering fears of the tax bogeyman.

Halloween is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you should be expecting frights from HMRC. If you’ve heard rumours that applying for a tax refund can be a negative experience in any way, it’s time to let us put your fears to rest.

In many professions – such as the Armed Forces, construction, healthcare, security, professional sports, aviation and taxi or Uber driving – it can be common for people to incur certain expenses that attract tax relief. These include the cost of travelling to temporary work sites in your own vehicle or on public transport, buying and maintaining uniform or equipment, or even some professional licences and training.

Unlike some companies, we don’t just help you make a tax refund claim and then leave you in the Lurch, so to speak. For example, we don’t charge per phone call and we won’t avoid queries just because you don’t have an active claim – we’re available to our clients for free tax advice throughout the year.

We also stay in touch with HMRC to make sure that you’ve been issued with the correct tax code following a claim. This safeguards against our clients being told they owe tax at the end of the year, due to having been given tax relief to which they’re not entitled. So, no nasty surprises here!

Also, if the prospect of dealing directly with HMRC is giving you sleepless nights, rest assured that we’ll take care of correspondence and make sure that all tax calculations etc are correct.

So, don’t have nightmares – claiming a tax refund with JNR Group is a real treat!