Posted on 4th May 2018

At last, the month of generous bank holidays is here. May brings a delightful brace of official days off and, as we approach the first, the weather forecast is cautiously optimistic for much of the country.

Whether we’ll all be enjoying barbecues on the beach remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: for every person enjoying a bonus day at leisure, there will be plenty for whom bank holiday Monday is just a day like any other.

From healthcare professionals to members of our Armed Forces, there is a massive dedicated workforce that shows up to do their duty, regardless of public holidays and special occasions. If you’ve ever been caught in a bank holiday traffic jam, had your rail journey disrupted by engineering works or endured the sounds of a nearby construction site while you try to relax, you’ll be all too aware that some people just have to keep working.

Before you complain, though, remember that those hard workers are actually keeping the country moving. So, spare them a thought while you pass around the Pimms and enjoy your day in the (hopefully) sunshine.

However, there is support on offer from HMRC for people who have to travel to temporary workplaces; people like our construction workers, Armed Forces, healthcare professionals, cabin crew, security guards, even the professional sports men and women who entertain you with bank holiday matches.

If you’re getting to different work sites under your own steam – using your own vehicle or travelling via public transport – you could be entitled to claim a tax refund against your travel costs. On average, a four-year claim is worth £3,000. How’s that for a bank holiday bonus?

Try our simple eligibility test to see if you can claim or give us a call on 01233 639945 to find out more.