Posted on 2nd August 2019

If you incur certain work-related expenses, you could claim a tax refund, even if you’re a PAYE employee.

Working in the construction industry often means long hours, physically demanding tasks and labouring outdoors in all weathers. So, shouldn’t you take home every penny that you’ve earned?

Many construction workers don’t realise that they could claim a tax refund for work-related expenses.

If you’re a CIS self-employed contractor, you’ll need to complete a tax return every year. But are you claiming all the tax relief to which you’re entitled?

For example, in the course of one year, David* – a CIS self-employed carpenter from Medway – incurred many business expenses, including the purchase of tools and extensive travel across the North Kent area. We helped David to claim a tax refund of over £3,300.

We don’t just help you claim for travel. Costs such as vehicle upkeep, meals on site, accommodation, tools, laundering of uniforms, businesses expenses like mobile phone and home office use – all these and more could be eligible for a tax refund.

For just £118 plus VAT, we can complete your tax return and make sure you claim the right tax relief within HMRC’s guidelines.

Did you know that you can also claim for travel to temporary work sites if you’re a PAYE employee, as long as the travel was undertaken at your expense?

Barry*, an employed bricklayer from Kent, covered 13,000 miles in one year travelling in his own vehicle to non-permanent work sites across the county and further afield. We helped Barry to claim a tax refund of over £1,500.

This is why it’s really important to keep good records! Send us the details of your travel expenditure and we’ll manage the entire claim process on your behalf – for a low fee of just 15% of the claim amount.

*Names changed for privacy reasons.

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