Posted on 18th July 2019

Schools have only just broken up for the summer holidays, but if the costs of the new term are already weighing on your mind, a tax refund could be invaluable.

Sending children back to school after the summer break can be a mixed blessing for parents. Although the financial burden of extra childcare and entertainment may have been alleviated, starting the new academic year often means a whole host of fresh expenses for families.

Children grow quickly, so new items of uniform, sports clothing and shoes are always on the shopping list. If your child is changing schools this September, you’ll probably have an entire new set of uniforms to purchase.

Textbooks, stationery, computer equipment, school bags – these types of costs can add up quickly. Will you need to add fees for extracurricular activities to your budget? From after-school drama clubs and music lessons, to school trips, sometimes it feels like the expenses just keep coming.

We all want our children to have the best possible start in life, both at school and at home, but having to find extra money can be stressful.

So, it makes sense to check whether you could be owed an unclaimed tax refund. If you incur any of a variety of work-related expenses – such as travel to temporary work placements in your own vehicle or on public transport – you could be eligible for tax relief against those costs.

If you’re eligible to claim, the money could be in your bank account within four weeks, as long as you already have a unique tax reference (UTR) from HMRC. Even if you haven’t claimed before, the tax refund could still come through within seven or eight weeks.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more. With a low fee of just 15% of the claim amount, we’re top of the class for helping people claim the tax refunds they deserve.

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